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Beenie Man: “I Still Say Gaza”

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King of the dancehall Beenie Man has been in the hot seat of late over a new beef with the gaza general Vybz Kartel.

Last week Urban Islandz told you that Beenie Man fired shots at the gaza front man in a new track called “Father God Help Him.”

Beenie Man have since denied the track was a diss track, but instead a correction to Vybz Kartel Dancehall Hero, which is a track the Doc finds very offensive.

“It is more a correction than a counteraction. Mi do ‘awoah’ inna couple songs and him send out a BB (BlackBerry message) to the world about it and most people feel that it was about Liquid, but Liquid is not a real deejay, him is a zeejay, so ah me him ah talk under style, but no man caan style me, me ah the King styler dem believe say mi ready fi turn over mi crown, dem never expect me woulda de yah so strong, but mi have news fi dem.”

Despite his obvious discontent with Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man said he still support the Gaza.

“Even though mi have a problem with Kartel, I still say Gaza because I rate talent. I don’t know him as a person, mi nah stop sey Gaza because mi and him inna one little ting. What him waan do wid fi him life, ah just fi him ting dat, every man have a right to decide fi him own destiny. From mi rate yu, mi rate yu.”

In the meantime Urban Islandz have exclusively learned that Vybz Kartel penned a new track aimed directly at the Doc.