Kickers Want Piece Of Dancehall [Video]

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It seems since Vybz Kartel brought back some life into Clarks, another British shoe company want a piece of dancehall also.

According to reports, popular British shoe manufacturer Kickers signed a partnership with Montego Bay-based dancehall artiste Eppie Rebel has just formed a partnership with British shoe company Kickers to participate in its anniversary celebrations.

The artiste, who had earlier this year released the song Kickers Over Clarks, caught the attention of the company when they heard the song on YouTube and requested that he record another song for their 40th anniversary celebrations this month.

Eppie Rebel recently recorded Kickers Part 2 in Kingston at Jamplified Studios by Rickman ‘Jamplified’ Warren.

In a press release Eppie says he is happy with the way it has been going so far.

“The partnership a go well because they are promising a lot of things in terms of promotions and such, so we are happy that they reached out. All of that is in the pipeline and we have no doubt as things look bright.”

The song Kickers Over Clarks have since spark a counteraction from Vybz Kartel called Dancehall Hero. Vybz Kartel earlier this year release his track called Clarks which became an anthem for the famous shoe brand, taking it from out a slump.

In Dancehall Hero Kartels says, “Me sing bout Clarks dem a sing bout crep, dem a sing bout kickers… if me sing bout egg dem a sing bout fritters, mi sing bout comb dem a sing bout scissors.”

Eppie Rebel, on the other hand, is surprised that Kartel would even counteract his track as at the time of Kickers Over Clarks’ release, he said, “The tune is going out for the youths from MoBay. A Polo Ralph Lauren and Kickers we wear. It’s nothing personal to Kartel it’s just music and we a tell them seh the younger generation seh Kickers.”

Eppie is working on a counteraction called Dancehall Rebel.

Peep Eppie Kickers video below

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