Rihanna: ‘I Didn’t Want To Have A Perfect Image’

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Barbadian popstar Rihanna said that she confronted her record company about her image and that she needed to change it up so that she could be noticed.

The ‘Only Girl (In The World)’ singer revealed that before her album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ was released in 2007, she wasn’t able to dress as she pleased and was her management’s doll (pretty much).

In an interview with Bang Showbiz, the RiRi said: “I had a ridiculous schedule. It was kind of unfair. But I kept going. I was focusing on getting people to respect me as an artist, making my stamp in the industry.

“I wasn’t 100% or even 75% in control of my image or my sound. I said, ‘If you guys keep this perfect image of me, people will never notice me’. I kind of blended in. It was safe, the blonde, curly hair. It was a formula. I didn’t want to be like all the other artists. I wanted to stand out.”

“And the only way I could do that was by taking charge of my image and sound. And it worked. Good Girl Gone Bad was a big turning point for me,” Rihanna added.

Do you think Rihanna image now is better than it was then?

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