Rumor: No Vybz Kartel At Sting 2010, According To Inside Source

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Rumors on the street is the Gaza general Vybz Kartel will not be gracing the stage this year.

An inside source in the Gaza told Urban Islandz that the probability of Vybz being at sting is very slim. This piece of info came to us just a day after the Jamaica Star ran a story on said issue.

According to the source, Vybz Kartel and the promoters of sting could not reach an agreement on a deal to bring the Gaza general on the one night only dancehall show. The source said:

“Right now di teacha a di biggest artist inna Jamaica and if yo naan talk bout big money yo can’t get mi general come perform. Addi bigger dan dat, so no deal no work out.”

Last month the promoters of Sting, Supreme Promotions, had a major launch in Kingston at the Jamaica Pegasus, where Kartel was listed as one of the headline acts. On Monday the Jamaica Star reported that Vybz Kartel confirmed that its false advertising, as he was not even approach by Sting promoters.

“No one has approached me, much less paid a deposit but yet I see myself on a poster at the Sting launch. How presumptuous of Supreme (Promotions). No Gaza artiste will be performing at Sting anyway. We are doing South America again because apparently they can’t get enough of the Gaza government.” (Jamaica Star)

Isiah Laing have since downplay the allegations and still stress that Vybz Kartel will be at Sting.

Sting is the most popular one night reggae show in Jamaica and is schedule to take place on December 26th in Portmore.

Will you be at Sting if Vybz Kartel will not be there?

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  1. Although they cussing him out about bleaching sting wont be nice without kartel

  2. nope…no gaza no STING!!!