Wyclef Jean Lashed Out Against Haiti’s Elections

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Former Haitian Presidential hopeful Wyclef Jean has lashed out against the elections in Haiti on Sunday (November 28th).

Jean along with several candidates labeled the election a sham.

According to reports, 12 of the 19 candidates running for President of Haiti have called for the election to be suspended because scores of people were not allowed to vote, massive fraud and/or voter intimidation.

“This is not democracy this is Dictatorship under the Facade of Democracy!” Wyclef Jean tweeted. “But the Haitian people will not be intimidated we want to vote!”

Earlier this evening, the candidates issued a joint statement condemning the government and Haiti’s electoral board, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP).

“It is clear that [current president Rene] Preval and the CEP were not prepared for elections,” said candidate Anne Marie Josette Bijou as the crowd chanted “arrest Preval!”

Wyclef Jean appeared to be supporting candidate/musician Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly, who appears to have the majority of support from the Haitian people.

“I am on the car with Micky 250,000 People in the Crowd is Demanding that Sweet micky be the Nex [sic] president,” Wyclef tweeted.

“I love my country I love my people. I’m supporting their choice. Every body has the right to choose freely his government,” Wyclef Jean said.