Bow Wow: “I Be Wishing I Was Dead Sometimes”

Southern rapper Bow Wow explains why he wishes he was “dead sometimes” and vents on Twitter, writing “I’m just like y’all.”

Suicide is a serious matter that claims the lives of many people of all ages. Recently, Bow Wow addressed his own feelings by noting that he sometimes wishes he was dead. This alarmed many fans, as the young emcee vented on his Twitter account.

“I swear i be wishing i was dead sometimes. Because i feel like that’s the only way ill get peace.”

“People don’t know me man. Yall don’t … start looking at Shad. Not Bow wow. F–k Bow. I go through sh-t daily. I’m Just like yall.”

“I sacrificed my life for this Hip Hop sh-t. I put my “REAL” life on hold. If i could do it over…. I wudda went to school. Got me a reg job.” (Bow Wow Twitter)

Last week Urban Islandz told you that Bow Wow finds himself caught up in the Raz B and Marques Houston saga.

Raz B claims that he was suspicious of a relationship between the B2Ker and rapper Bow Wow who he claims was ALWAYS at the house.

“Bow Wow used to always come over to the house in Diamond Bar…and I’ve always seen some weird sh*t before. Trust me.”

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