Reggae Artiste Lazah Current Robbed By Gunmen

International Reggae star Lazah Current was robbed earlier this week by gunmen.

The singer was at his home sleeping in Spring Gardens, in Spanish Town, Jamaica, when gunmen stormed his yard and demanded his car and phone.

“Mi and mi family a whole a rest, shortly after two mi hear a car stop at the gate and the dog started barking. The barking get louder and more consistent so mi realise that something nuh right… about a couple seconds after mi hear a knock pon di window.”

Current said the gunmen fired a shot in the air to intimidate him and his family to meet their demands speedily.

“Is like dem couldn’t wait nuh longer fi mi car key, suh dem buss a shot inna di air, so mi just throw the key through the window and then they asked for mi phone and tek off wid mi car.”

Despite being traumatize, Current said he is thankful he and his family was not harmed by the  thieves.

“Bwoy I am puzzled and concerned about what happened it is a very scary experience, my kids and my empress are very traumatised by this bad experience. But I am very grateful to Jah that they didn’t harm us, so I have to give thanks. It was a very traumatic experience for me.”

Lazah said he filed a police report and the car was recovered by the police department.

Last week reggae singer Jah Cure was also robbed while performing at a show in Dominica. His stolen items was not recovered by law enforcement officials in that island.

Do you think criminals are targeting musicians in the Caribbean?

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  1. Lazah bless up. great reggae artist.