Jah Cure On Being Robbed: “I still love Dominica”

Reggae star Jah Cure was unfortunate to be the subjects of thieves at a show in Dominica last weekend.

According to a source close to the singer, Cure was robbed of thousands of US dollars worth of jewelry and other items left inside his hotel room while performing on stage.

“Cure is hurt by the lost but he is in good spirit, it was very unfortunate but one of those things,” the source said.

During a radio interview on the Caribbean island, Jah Cure told fans he still love Dominica.

“It was unconditional disappointment, not unconditional love for me. It had to be somebody that work here. It’s very unfortunate. It is something that has never happened before. I still love Dominica and I will return here.”

Cure was the headline act on the last day of the 14th World Creole Music Festival at the Windsor Park Stadium held last Sunday.

Law Enforcement officials in Dominica is investigating the matter.