Chart Topper: Tarrus Riley Wildfire “Protect The People” [VIDEO]

Reggae crooner Tarrus Riler latest mega production Wildfire (Protect The People) is riding the top of the charts in Jamaica.

After spending weeks on the charts Wildfire (Protect The People) is now the number one video on RETV’s MVP Top 10 video countdown.  Simultaneously, it tops the HYPE TV VTX Countdown.

Weighing in on the success of Wildfire, Riley said he is happy with the reception from fans.

“I am very happy that the fans have endorsed the video and have voted for it to be number one.  Look out for more good quality clean and uplifting music and some great videos.”

Wildfire was directed by Directed by Melissa Llewellyn, who is also happy with the success of the video.

Riley is expected to shoot videos for the songs My Mother and Superman over the next few months.

See the video for Wildfire (Protect The People) below