Bounty Killer And Dave Kelly Drops “The Message”… See What Fans Are Saying

On Wednesday Urban Islandz exclusively broke news that Bounty Killer will drop another Dave Kelly production.

It turns out our sources were credible as usual. Killer once again teamed up with veteran producer Dave Kelly on a track called The Message.

Already The Message is taking over the airwaves in Jamaica and the States. Fans reported to us that DJ’s in clubs and on radio been pulling up The Message a dozen times.

We took to twitter and facebook to hear what fans have to say about The Message.

“Bounty Killer a di tuffes deeajay to grace dancehall, DiTeacha can’t me a track solid so.” (Twitter)

“Da tune yah haaad, long time mi waan killer fi come back fi the throne, sickest ting.” (Twitter)

“Epic thats all I can say simply epic, full time now wi get some real dancehall music and lego the auto tune crap dem. (Facebook)

“Baby Cham and Bounty Killer a di sickest ting dem inna dancehall and dem a go dun di place again.” (Twitter)

“Real tune this, remind me a Bounty Killer whe me use to know, realest ting this, love it. ” (Facebook)

There you have, fans are digging the General new track The Message.

Listen to the track below and post comments