Buju On Getting Bail: “I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed”

Buju Banton spirit got a huge boost yesterday when a judge granted the artist bail in Florida.

Gargamel who has been behind bars for the last 10 months told one of his attorneys that he is eager to go home and lay in his own bed.

“Marc Seitles, one of Banton’s lawyers, said the artiste was looking forward to going home. “I met with Buju after the hearing and he was very positive and looking forward to sleeping in his own bed in Tamarac, Florida,” Seitles told the Observer. “We are extremely pleased that bond was granted…,” Markus said. “It was the right decision because Buju isn’t a risk of flight or a danger to the community.” (Jamaica Observer)

In the meantime Buju Banton fans are already basking in jubilation since the artist was given the nod yesterday by judge Anthony Porcelli.

Banton though is still not totally in the clear, as his lawyer David Markus will now have to file a motion in the immigration courts to prevent Buju from being deported.

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