Urban Islandz Exclusive Interview With Richie Loop

Born in Kingston and raised in the parish of Clarendon, Richie Loop attended Clarendon College but has always had a love affair with music and all that it embodies. An entertainer at heart, he dabbled in dancing and acting as a child but later pursued studies in Information Technology at Excelsior Community College. Upon completion, Richie Loop worked at Gumption Recording Studios as a composer.

However, wanting to further his growth, he ventured to Gal A Rush Recording Studios, where he spent five months fine tuning his craft. During that time he was afforded the opportunity to work with veteran reggae artist Derrick Morgan. It was while working with Derrick Morgan that Richie Loop got his big break when he was approached and offered a contract by Robert Livingston CEO of Scikron Entertainment/Big Yard Music Label.

Urban Islandz readers has been asking much of Richie Loop and his mega hit “My Cupp.” We track down the “My Cupp” artist himself and ask him a couple questions.

Urban Islandz: How did you get started in the Music Business?

Richie Loop: Well I started out by dancing, and then i decided to explore a few software programs in order to build some beats.

Urban Islandz: Which other artist do you draw inspiration from?

Richie Loop: I draw inspiration from many artistes such as Elephant Man, Shaggy, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, Movado and Beenie Man. They all bring something different to the music industry and have their own vibe.

Urban Islandz: Do you write your own lyrics?

Richie Loop: Yes I write my own lyrics but I also have to big up my team at Scikron Bigyard who also helps to provide assistance with some of my songs.

Urban Islandz: How do you feel about the success of My Cupp?

Richie Loop: I feel wonderful,”smile” just to know that people really enjoy my music, and from the baby to the grandmothers can sing along.. So its a overwhelming feeling. It makes me feel good that i can do good, clean, fun music that appeals to everyone.

Urban Islandz: What can we expect from Richie Loop in the future?

Richie Loop: Well i’m constantly aiming to evolve so you can expect increased creativity, more fun songs and music that you will enjoy anywhere you are.

Urban Islandz: What’s your other love apart from music?

Richie Loop: Well, apart from music, i have great love and appreciation for my family, friends and fans. I wouldn’t be who I am today without their support.

Urban Islandz: Is there an Upcoming album in the making?

Richie Loop: Yes most definitely. Right now we just making the songs and doing the necessary fine tuning.

Urban Islandz: What advice would you give to young and upcoming artist?

Richie Loop: Well stay focus and no matter what u think,follow your mind. And always be willing to take advice from others.

Urban Islandz: What’s your take on the current state of dancehall music?.

Richie Loop: Well right now dancehall is fun… everybody can enjoy the music now, its not all about killing and all that, its about friends being able to party together and enjoy the music.

Urban Islandz: Finally tell fans why they should go out and buy your music?

Richie Loop: Because its fun, clean music and we aim to please the fans all the time. We bringing something different to the table and we want the fans to be apart of the experience.

To get regular updates from Richie Loop follow him on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RichieLoop

See the video for “My Cupp” below