Foxy Brown Wants To Be Ambassador For Youth In Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad-American rapper Foxy Brown has been in the news much of late, but for all the wrong reasons.

But this time the Brooklyn Don Diva is in the news for a good but surprising reason.

According to Trinidad Express, the Platinum-selling female rapper indicated during a recent exclusive interview with Express Woman that she is angling for the post of US youth ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago. She said this is a dream that she has been nurturing for the past few years.

Foxy Brown 31 whose real name is Inga Marchand was born in Brooklyn, NY to Trinidad parents. Since she broke on the rap scene in 1996, Brown has been in several legal troubles and several issues with record labels and promoters. As recent as last week, Foxy turned up at a New York club 4 hours late due to some Diva demands regarding her mode of transport. This controversial record, makes many wonder if she is serious about these gestures.

What exactly Foxy Brown told Trinidad Express? Here some excerpts

“Who else but me?” she asked with a laugh. “I am a staunch supporter of American-Caribbean relations and my music targets the exact same demographic and genre of young people I want to stand up for.”

“I’ve forged many political alliances and I’m well-versed, articulate and educated. Beyond just having a vast amount of music industry experience, I am a staunch believer in being the voice for our young Trinidadian people.”

Regarding her image in the music community, Brown told the Express that she has adopted a new philosophy.

“As a celebrity, you are a constant target. It’s the gift and the curse! I believe that hard trials are necessary for TRUTH to be established, and when a woman finds her TRUTH she becomes the difference,” she said. “Now instead of allowing (other people’s) actions to have power over my reactions, I’ve learned to own my destiny. In embracing my maturation, I’ve realised I have everything to lose. Never again will I let anyone cause me to jeopardise what I’ve worked so hard all my life for.”

Foxy Brown is a legend among female rappers in the hip hop community. But being an ambassador for Trinidad youths is something serious.

What do you think? Do you think anyone will take Foxy serious being an Ambassador?… your comments below


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    She can be an Amba$$ader on my private Island

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    As a trini I don’t want to claim Foxy.
    This is the first time I ever heard she had Trini parents
    I read she belonged to another Island.
    Whats the truth.