Bounty Killer Cut Hair… Now Sport Low Fade… Hair To Be Auctioned… Images Inside

The dancehall fraternity is a buzz today regarding the new look 5 star general Bounty Killer Sporting.

The picture hit Jamaican newspapers today for the first time after rumors beginning to mount that Killer has visited the barber.

Bounty Killer whose real name is Rodney Pryce is now sporting a low cut fade, with goaty mouth stash.

Rumor also have it that there are plans to auction his shoulder length hair that he has grown for several years. Proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Women Centre in Jamaica.

See the release image below

What do you think about Killer new look?… comments below


  1. it looks great!

  2. Plebes were considered the lowest of the low. They were the first-year cadets who had yet to prove themselves. These incoming students could shine like a supernova or fade like a white dwarf. There was nothing common about Cadet James T. Kirk as he …

  3. stop spread lies about di general ,di general did not cut his hair get your facts straight ,bigg ups to killa ,alliance to di worlddddd str8888 .

  4. Mi like how Killa a change up him image. Nuff people lick out pon di man but if him a show signs of good things support him. Killer you a mi artist big up

  5. what kind of crap this unnu a report? Get ur fact before u print BS

  6. Killer you a di boss mi rate yo