Miley Cyrus And Iyaz “Gonna Get This” Hanna Montana

Disney Channel has official release the new Hanna Montana video for “Gonna Get This” duet between Miley Cyrus and reggae fusion artist Iyaz.

The video has received mix feelings among Hanna Montana fans, but still represent another milestone for Iyaz who hails from the British Virgin Island.

Earlier month Urban Islandz told you that Iyaz will be making his acting debut in an episode of Hanna Montana aired last week. Weighing in on his acting debut Iyaz spoke about watching the show for a long time.

“I’ve been watching the show for a very long time, and finally got the opportunity to do a song with Miley,” says the 23-year-old singer. “[The song] definitely has some edge to it. She did her thing and I put my little island twist on it.”

See the video below for Gonna Get This