Konshens And Gareth Cobran To Team Up For Jamaican Movie

Dancehall star Konshens and music video director Gareth Cobran will be teaming up for an upcoming Jamaican movie.

Gareth Cobran, who is known for music videos such as Konshens hit song Realest Song told Jamaican journalists he should begin production of the film next year.

“I am in the process of developing a script. I am also looking for some funding for this script that I am going to be shooting next year and it will have Konshens as one of the stars. It’s not the everyday kind of story that comes out of Jamaica but still very relevant to our culture. I know he’s a good actor and I know he can step into character. He’s going to be Garfield Spence, he will not be Konshens. I’m quite excited about that.”

Konshens also weigh in on the production.

“First of all Gareth a mi ni–a. As for being in a movie it would be my first time but I’m definitely looking forward to the experience, and I think Jamaican artistes should jump at opportunities like this to work on local projects, build and expand their selling power and star qualities. And who knows, my young fans in music might see me in a movie and get the inspiration to make themselves the next Will Smith or Julia Roberts.”

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  1. I love to be in the movie