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Buju Banton Trial Update: Prosecutor Filed Motion Against Bail

Assistant US Attorney James Preston today filed a motion in the Sam M Gibbons federal court in Tampa Florida against Buju Banton bail application.

In the motion, Preston argued that Banton’s attorney has not given any legal support that the entertainer should be released pre-trial.

Preston said also that Banton “wholly ignored the court’s earlier detention order. The motion should therefore be denied.”

Preston was quick to pointed out that Markus failed to point out that the court had previously found that there were aggravating factors for Banton’s detention outside of his immigration woes.

Preston also argued against Banton’s attorney David Oscar Markus assumption, the reggae singer, whose real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, is not a flight risk because of his popularity. As a result, Preston is asking that Banton’s motion for bail be struck out without any further hearing.

Harsh isn’t it?

Buju Banton lawyer David Markus on Tuesday of this week filed a motion for the reggae star to be release on bonds. Buju being in federal custody since December of last year without bail. The current mistrial could mean that Banton will be in custody for at least a year.

The bail hearing is schedule for October 6th.

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  1. I warning other let buju go let him go back to jamaica to his family please.