Another Twist To The Black Ryno Vs Corey Todd Saga… Ryno Charged

Yesterday Urban Islandz exclusively broke news that former Portmore Empire recording artist Black Ryno and Vybz Kartel business partner Corey Todd had a fist fight in Kingston.

A very reliable source told Urban Islandz that their is much more to the story than what happened at Mega Mart off Waterloo Rd in Kingston yesterday. Ryno management team have since released a statement in relation to the incident. Excerpts from the statement reads:

“The incident unfolded when Blak Ryno was exiting the facility and was confronted by the man who immediately assumed an aggressive posture towards the artiste with the statement “Go S*#k Yuh Mada” and proceeded to shove him, further stating “Weh yuh ago do p*#sy, you know how we thing set pon the Gaza”. Ryno, forced to defend himself got into a physical altercation with the man but it was quickly brought under control by the store’s security detailing”.

The source told Urban Islandz that Corey Todd wife attacked Ryno’s girlfriend and badly beat her. But the question is what cause the fight?

According Urban Islandz sources, Corey Todd confronted Ryno upon seeing him at the store and uttered, “hey bwoy mi hear seh yo a call up mi name and mi wi do yo tings inno p*#sy.”

The source said things got heated and the two ended up in a tussle, where an obviously pissed Corey Todd through Ryno to the ground and proceed to punch him. Security personnel at the store was forced to intervene before things got more ugly. The police was called in and Ryno was arrested and charged with wounding.

The source also said Corey Todd’s wife was taken in by police officers who were quick on the scene.

In an interview with journalists after the incident Corey Todd said, “Black Ryno confronts me and said am not playing his music at the building night club, he was standing too close to me and I pushed him away and he fell to the ground and pulled out a knife that look like a machette and swung after me and that’s when I grabbed him and choked him, the Mega Mart security saved him, they got it on video.”

Who do you believe and do you think Ryno should be charged?.. comment below

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  1. Rhyno fi easy himself look weh di pu*%y do to boom boom now a nedda man, mek him continue dah way yah and si wah go reach him a music we seh