Lady Saw Takes Back John John “Men make mistakes just like women”

Last week the net became a buzz with speculations that dancehall queen Lady Saw left her long time lover of 17 years John John. Urban Islandz found out the the dancehall diva did contemplate but changed her mind… maybe.

Last Tuesday Lady Saw tweeted on her twitter page:

“When you give a man second chances over and over again and he [expletive] again and again leave his sorry [expletive].”

“To all Twitter and Facebook informer bring back this to you know who. Am single and loving it.”

Sources close to the dancehall diva told Urban Islandz that there were in fact some issues between the two, the nature of which was not disclosed. According to the source, the two has been together for almost 2 decades and is now going through a rough patch in their relationship. The source also say they two are trying to work things out, because Saw whose real name Marian Hall loves her John John.

Lady Saw also publicly declared the two are still together, as she recently told Jamaican journalist that she gave her man a chance.

“Everything is beautiful. My man is in bed sleeping. Don’t pay me no mind, sometimes mi head tek mi. Everything pat, everything good. I put whatever I want to put on there.”

“Men make mistakes just like women. Sometimes you have to give and take. Once you can work it out and nobody nah dead, work it out. Mi deh wid my man how long and every day feels like I just met the man. It feels perfect. There is no relationship that’s perfect, but he makes me happy.”

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  1. Lady saw should leave John John. She look good and can get a man that will respect her and love her our who she is ,