Jamaican Cops Rescue Group Of Gay Men From Angry Mob

A source in Jamaica told Urban Islandz that cops on the island had to rescue a group of allegedly gay men from an angry mob. According to our source, the situation was about to get ugly, but the cops came just in time.

The source told us that the incident happened on Monday on the outskirt of Kingston, following a fatal traffic accident involving a car in which the men were traveling in. A crowd gathered on the scene shortly after and help the men get out of the wreck vehicle. It is said the crowd started to notice the men dressing “funny” (when men wear female attire).

The source went on to tell us that one of the men begin to trace a female passerby, prompting others to come to her rescue. The source said that’s when things got out of hand, resulting in the crowd becoming angry and attacked the group of men. Luckily for them, the police arrived on the scene and aid in their rescue.

“Di police dem a fi pick dem up in a dem car and carry dem go lock up a di station, else wi woulda beat dem to sickness,” the source told Urban Islandz.