Ragashanti Fans Create Facebook Page “No Ragashanti, No Newstalk”

Fans of embattled Jamaican radio talk show host Kingsley Stewart, popularly known Ragashanti, has created a facebook fan page called “No Ragashanti, No Newstalk.”

Last week Urban Islandz reported to you that Raga was taken off the air during his finally talk show on the radio station. According to Raga, he was removed after he tendered his resignation.

The facebook fan page is growing in popularity, with almost 2000 fans in just over a week. But in the meantime Ragashanti told Urban Islandz that he will be moving to another radio station to continue his program.

“Di people dem waan mi pon di air, so mi a work out a deal with a new radio station fi continue serving the people dem,” Raga said.

Listen to Ragashanti interview last week here.


  1. love the show

  2. hi raga i listen to your programme all the time i like it u know we are living in a hyprocritial society they cant stop u do your thing bless`