Nicki Minaj And Drake More Than Just Friends… May Be Married?!

Young Money emcees Nicki Minaj and Drake got married. At least thats what they are telling the world via their twitter page.

On her Twitter page, the Caribbean-American rapper decided to have some fun with the following tweet:

“U scurred? @drakkardnoir u ready to make the announcement or wha?”

Adding to the mystery, Drake replies:

“@nickiminaj Baby I am never scared. PROUD is more the word I would use.”

The Tweest that followed next has everyone speculating on whether the two where serious or just pulling a prank on cyber space:

“Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and dont stare at her too long. She’s finally mine. :)

To confirm, Nicki Minaj decided to confirm the tweet for those in doubt:

“Yes, it’s true. Drake and I tied the knot.”

Although many are still questioning the validity of the two’s tweets, Nicki did post a follow up tweet that many feel is the true response to the question everyone is asking:

“Gossip Gossip n**ga just stop it / Everybody know I’m a mudafin MONSTA! #pinkfriday 11.23.10 ;)

With Drake dropping lines calling Nicki “Mrs. Graham” and the two of them “joking” about tying the knot, it seems like the two just may be more than friends.


  1. Dangggg Nicki Took Ma Man(: Aha justt playingg i love yuhh both muchos! Dont stopp rapinn drake ndd nickii keep itt up gurl show the world yuh aint just no b*tch bt yuhr tha b**chh!<3 withh muchh muchh love ca$$idyy(bby kisses)

  2. i thnk thaay r married i meean y wud he mke a songgg about it iff it wnt gne kme true unless he dewsperate