Gays Prostituting In Jamaica Parks… Intimidating Concerned Residents

Some of Urban Islandz readers in Kingston, Jamaica is telling us that the city recreational parks is being overrun by homosexuals. But that’s not even the whole story, as one reader told us that if you as much as look at them, they would threatened and intimidate you with verbal assaults.

This was rather disturbing when one reader mailed us images that she took with her Blackberry, which is too graphic to publish, showing men in compromising positions and wearing women garments in the park after hours.

“Dem tek over the whole play and becaaazz dem have dem people in high places dem threaten normal people who waan use the park,” one unfuriating female reader told us.

The reader also said it is very disturbing as the Emancipation park is being used as a pick up and drop off place for gays who allegedly engaging in prostitution.

“A night time yuh can see some push kinda vehicle come pick dem up and drop dem off certain time,” the source told us.

The Emancipation park is a hang out spot for many Kingstonians, but from what many readers are telling us fewer and fewer people going there in the evenings.