D’Angel: “I Forgave Beenie”… But Did The Doc Forgave Her

Dancehall favourite celebrity couple Beenie Man and D’Angel is back in the spotlight again, but only this time its not because Beenie’s Grammy or over Bar-bee.

The couple appears to be working on their past marital problems as they are making several public appearances together, including a performance at this year Reggae Sumfest. In an interview with Jamaican journalist, D’Angel was quoted as saying “I forgave him and we are working on our marriage.”

Urban Islandz congratulate both Beenie and D’Angel for doing the right thing and work out whatever differences there was. But fans are asking us if Beenie Man forgave his wife for what allegedly happened in the past, since from what everyone was saying D’Angel was not quite the angel according to the doc.

In less than a year after the couple married in the summer of 2006, rumors began to circulate that they were having marital problems. Things got worse when in april of 2007 an embarrassing brouhaha took place at the couple’s upscale resident, resulted in a nasty breakup and an alleged beating of Beenie Man.

Things took an even uglier turn when both were interviewed by Irie FM which ended up in a verbal battlefield. If you never know this is what happened then:


“Moses is the one who left his marital home,” D’Angel blamed. “Because of what he has been doing to me here in front of his son, that is what I am saying, and I have to set an example for my son. I have to live an exemplary life for my son. Moses is the one and I have proof. So Moses, stop lie! I have proof about everything. You move on with your life and the whole Jamaica see what you have been doing to me. I have been quiet about things. Moses, don’t get me out.”

Beenie Man

“Mi wife have a man a New York from April. Jesus Christ man, mi neva waan go there. You see it, that is the reason why me and har left. Nothing else… Jesus Christ man! You married to a woman and she have a next man. She don’t deserve the ring so you a tek it back … because if you a tell your woman from April seh cut this thing yah. This thing yah no look good because people a talk wid it and people a seh dis. People a tell mi seh a mi and the man keep har party and all of these things … Then mi no mus tek back the ring dread,”

To further compound the saga Don Mafia a former member and chief song writer of the Beenie Man and wife led-Mafia House Production, released a song with the following lyrics.

A b*tch that how you fi turn that in a lady,
Badman nuh mind jacket baby,
Gal them sugar mek gal drive him crazy,
A bawl over pu**y them things deh amaze mi
Jacket she give you and you go wear it up
Now the marriage contract you want to tear it up
Harry Toddler and Elephant Man used to scare it up
As you turn your back Bounty Killer ride her like a mule

Mafia said everything in the song is true and that the couple got married just to hurt Bounty Killer, who is Beenie Man long time rival and D’Angel ex-bf.

In light of what allegedly happen, fans are asking us if the doc forgave his wife. We want to hear from you Moses.