Okay! So What Ever Happened To Lauryn Hill… The Star Then And Now… Images Inside

Hip hop star Lauryn Hill is no doubt one of the brightest artists to ever grace music on a whole. The singer/rapper is probably the first to incorporate the sounds of hip hip, Reggae and Soul to create a unique sound that gives you goose bumps. Nevertheless, Hill been missing in action for well over a decade now, and although she is coming forth of late to speak about her absence, there us still one question that is unanswered. What ever happened to Lauryn Hill?

Images and appearances of her in the 1990’s

Lauryn Hill Now 2010

These latest images above of a once so great star brought a lot of us to tears. Wyclef was quoted last year as saying Lauryn Hill needs help. After seeing these agonizing images we want Hill to seek help and come back to what you were in the 1990’s

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  1. I luv Lauryn hill she can really sing. I dnt kno if anything is really going on with her bu. She is older than sh was in the 90s so of course she wnt look the same. I DO want her to come back though

  2. y’all f**kd up talkin bout lauryn like that. y’all don’t know what’s goin on wit her, and the end of the article is a call for her to come back and be the objectified image of what you think is “Lauryn Hill”. she is human. and I hope she continue to do what she been doin: leave y’all alone. she don’t want none o y’all drama, and I still love her no matter what.

  3. dis girl don dey kolo o, make person help am o…