Sprint King/Party King Usian Bolt Party Down At ATI With New Beau Lisa Gayle

Sprint King and Party King Usain Bolt was spotted last weekend at ATI partying down with his alleged new beauty queen girlfriend. Pictures of the two surfaced on urban gossip site Mediatakeout earlier this week, which the site claims they are both an item. But we try to reach out to Usain Bolt about the two and he didn’t deny or confirm the rumors.

“We were just hanging out at ATI so not sure where mediatakeout get their info from… we just cool you know,” Bolt told Urban Islandz.

Bolt declined to delve in details about their date at ATI, but a very reliable source told us that the two been seeing each other for a couple months now and look to be getting serious. They have been spotted more than once together and look very much in love.

Kudos Bolt you hit another gold medal.

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  1. hit an run..bolt…don’t play stucky or else you’ll loose your hard earn money…lol