Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night Was A Hit… Voicemail O’Neil Edwards Honored

All the rain in the Tourist city Montego Bay could not stop Reggae Sumfest patrons from pouring out in the thousands. The muddy conditions underfoot at the Catherine Hall home of Reggae Sumfest did nothing to dampen the spirits of fans. By no doubt this year dancehall night sees one of its biggest crowds.

The vibe inside the venue was accentuated by the strong performances which  hit the stage. The Artistes clearly did their homework and presented tight, well-rehearsed sets which proved to be quite entertaining and worthy of making it to the festival’s main stage.

Some of the early acts to prove their worth were Tifa, Charley Blacks, Ce’Cile, with surprise act Tanto Blacks, Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers crew, D’Angel and Stacious.

The set featuring the duo of Kevin and Craig of Voicemail was tinged with emotion as both spoke to missing their brother — the late O’Neil Edwards. Their tribute performance, although lacking O’Neil’s vibe, was uplifiting from the opening, which featured the Kingston College Chapel Choir clad in all white. The tribute for O’Neil was well appreciated by fans.