Quote Iyaz… “Miley Cyrus Is Funny As Hell”

Reggae pop star Iyaz didn’t just became an overnight star sensation, he also became close friends with some of the hottest stars on the planet. Iyaz was discovered in 2008 by Reggae pop star Sean Kingston and his now signed to the artists Time Is Money Label. The singer became close friends not just with Kingston, but also Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

In an interview with hollywoodlife magazine, Iyaz said “Miley Cyrus is the type of friend that WILL tell you yes when you ask her ‘Do I look fat in this dress?”

“She’s funny as hell. She does not hold her tongue,” he says. “She will crack on you. If you came in the room right now, with a booger hanging out of your nose she’ll tell you straight up!”