Digicel Rising Star New Season New Look Starts July 4th

The 7th season of the popular Jamaican version of American Idol will kick off on Sunday July 4th. The producers of the talent contest promise fans a brand new look for the show.

Producer Sharon Schroeter says Jamaicans will be left in awe when the new Digicel Rising Stars’ set is unveiled: “The set is awesome. It’s a very high-tech set that has never been used for a live television show locally before. We saw it and loved it instantly and we think it will just blow everybody away on July 4.”

In addition to the new look the show will also have a new format which will see changes to the live show’s duration. Live shows on Sundays will now run for 90 minutes starting at 8 pm and ending at 9:30 pm. This will excite the huge fan base of Digicel Rising Stars.