Drake and Tammy Torres

The female that Lil Wayne said cheated on her with his protege Drake has finally broke her silence.

Last month Lil Wayne revealed in some excerpt from a tell-all book that he found out that Drake smashed his girlfriend while he was serving time at Rikers Island prison.

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The female in question, Tammy Torres, told TMZ paparazzi that if Weezy goes forward with his tell-all book then she will be forced to tell her side of the story and revealed the juicy details of their fling.

“First of all I just got back into the country so I don’t know what Wayne is talking about,” Torres said. “But if he decides to come out with whatever… I would have the real story, I would have to tell you the real story. But at a better time.”

She also said that the story would be about which one was a better lover, Drake or Lil Wayne.

Sound like Lil Wayne could be cutting someone a check if he ever wants to release that tell-all book.