Young Thug “Hubbie” Sparked More Gay Controversy


Young Thug

Young Thug is raising a lot of eyebrows in the hip hop community again.

The Atlanta trap rapper posted a photo of himself and rapper Rich Homie Quan on Instagram and some of his fans are asking for an explanation.

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“Me and my hubbie!!! @richhomiequan 4life udigg,” Young Thug captioned the photo.

Young Thug and Rick Homie Quan

The photo and caption sparked a lot of backlash on Instagram on Twitter with some fans saying Young Thug is a gay rapper.

This tweet was retweeted alomost 3000 times.

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  • Yardie

    Young Thug is a gay rapper and he should come clean.

  • Ariana grande

    Young thug is gross what was he thinking if u know I’m right follow me on Instagram @jazzykazzy345 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    fkn red dragon

  • TheAriaLove

    what did rich homie quan say???

    • Afrikoka

      nutin cuz therz nutin to tak about


    So Young Thug and ASAP Rocky are suspect.

  • GlobeProbe

    So this matters because…? You’ll never know what any of em do in their private lives unless they want you to, with the odd snitch here and there… Either way it it shouldn’t make a difference, homophobia is outdated and an artist should be appreciated for their work not their past times.

  • fuc*yourhate

    i feel sorry for you and your ignorance.

  • Nicole

    I 100% agree

  • bj

    is richhomiequa gay

  • Terri