Tommy Lee Sparta Says He Did Not Record Crying, But Who Did ?



Tommy Lee Sparta has remained tight lipped about a leaked audio of himself crying about threats from Vybz Kartel over a new contract and royalties.

In the audio, Tommy Lee could be heard speaking with producer So Unique telling him about an encounter with a man name Slim that Vybz Kartel sent to confront him.

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“Him a say everything good and me go back around him and he fired a shot in my head back,” an emotionally shaken Tommy Lee said.

Tommy Lee lawyer Bert Samuels has since released a statement saying the Mobay deejay denied recording the conversation. But did not say if the deejay denied that it was him speaking and crying in the audio recording.

“I have listened to the tape and I have spoken to my client Tommy Lee and he told me he was hearing it for the first time,” Samuels said. “He denies making the recordings…. he vehemently denies being the author of this tape.”

The audio recordings raised more questions about Vybz Kartel relationships with former members of his now disband Portmore Empire, including artists such as Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Jah Vinci and more.

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  • joelee

    u guys are tripping as usual dispatching old sones for new and now u guys to make few hits more. there is a audio with redwood saying that is spliced audio post that now before u get sued

  • Tweley

    Audio seems legit, man a ball out hell.. can’t splice that up too much. Someone is crying, Nammy Lee vs Starving Devil, seems proper.

    • real talk

      I agree. The bawling real. The convo the other person having could have been edited but no he got caught out with his cow bawling. I agree he probably didn’t record the convo. I think whoever on the other side of that relay did. So whoever he was bawling to taped him.

    • salena


  • addidetruth

    de audio fake mad head who no know that them record the crying and splice it

    • Mario

      Well i think the police tap his phone to get information about scaming to get a more solid case for the up coming trial or they slice and edit some conversation together to use against him.the main reason for the release was to further sink kartel and to put the scaming line in it to say he’s admitting to being in scam before.that’s just my opinion though

      • Mrs. Fields

        Im with you on that one.

  • cloud9

    I hope a news reporter sooner than later tries to get permission to interview kartel in jail. I would love to hear what he has to say about EVERYTHING.

    • chad

      to think i was like saying free world boss

  • Damion

    OMG something really looks suspicious about all the tape of things coming up the police look like they bought them selves a very unique machine to incriminate who they want behind bar for life everyday it’s Vybez Kartel can’t you guys talk about something else are you guys afraid of how Kartel appeal gonna go .

    • Stephen Higgins

      Do you have a brain in your head?

      • Damion

        Gay boy who a chat to you mi not looking no man

      • Stephen Higgins

        Bumbo hole batty business a you and kartel that
        Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel

      • Damion

        Is a man you a look fi argue with mi dun with you gay boy .

      • Gazaman

        No you defo nuh have no brain
        Kartel send Slim fi go collect money do tinf real. Slim weh live a Spanish town, him a run round di parish a talk di tinfsm real gangsta

      • Damion

        My brain let me can afford to travel the world because I make the money to do so what has your brain done for you let you badmind kartel because you ain’t got no talent but to hate ppl

      • salena


  • outlaw

    A him did a cry country u know seh u fraid addi

  • Duroy steadman

    Not a fan of tommy lee but if someone just made an attempt on your life you might be crying too can’t hold it against him the question is what is he gonna do about it

  • salena

    This made me sad. I don’t see anything wrong with a dude bawling.

  • the wages of sin is death.

    Stupid people listen the tape again if this is real it of to record more than three years. That mean before Kartel get convicted Tommy Lee seh him a seh everything good and mi guh back round him and him buss a shot inna mi Head back… Listen mi guh back round him .that have to be before kartel get lock up Tommy lee never visit kartel from him deh a jail. So Tommy Lee glad seh did man get lock up.

  • Michael Adams

    No star would admit to crying in the audio. Even Mr.Vegas wouldn’t admit to crying so why would Nyammy Lee.