Busy Signal and Mavado

Busy Signal is defending his mentor Bounty Killer in his heated feud with a former member of the Alliance, Mavado.

Signal released a brand new single titled “Tek Cover” taking shots at the Gully Gad.

The track was produced by RnBiggy Music.

Real badman no waan no friend from none a dem
Bwoy try fi test mi, life a go done again
Done school mi graduate wid mi diploma dem
No man to the link hey

Listen full track below.

  • Khani Spanglah Jones

    This newspaper slippin, the headline is dishonest, it’s a regular tune not dissing any specific person. If the editors of UrbanIslandz do this 3 more times and I discover it, I will stop reading their site and encourage other to follow. I don’t like to be misled and this is the first strike :

  • jahkno

    How could this be a movado diss? Nothing in this song says anything pertaining to gully. Unu need fi stop di mix up and blen blen

  • Tweley

    Pree the war, every man a send shot after Gully God, but he made like 1-2 diss songs months ago.

    Busy wid him face fava bullfrog need to crawl back to the woman beater/goat lord.

    Mavado-Hope & Pray

  • avian

    Busy a yuh mi Dj but how u defend killa like him own you Or somn…go s**k yuh mother but anyway turf mi seh..Nuh beef gully can him never pree no man Last time check..hotted