Rich Homie Quan

Despite being yanked from the market, rappers are still finding cough syrup to make sizzurp.

Rapper Rich Homie Quan suffered multiple seizures yesterday after reportedly drinking the banned substance.

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The incident reportedly took place during a music video shoot for his single “Problem” at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.

Rich Homie Quan sizzurp

TMZ reported that Quan suffers two seizures approximately an hour apart. The last seizure left him with a head concussion. He is currently receiving treatment at an Atlanta hospital.

Rich Homie Quan was recently named in XXL magazine 2014 Freshman Class issue.

  • james morrison12

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  • Yardie

    These stupid rappers never learn am so happy this sizzurp foolishness is not spilling over into dancehall

    • Jason Mazur

      Nah, yall just body slam wrestling move dance each other onto concrete…..

  • Tweley

    Lean right into a coffin, idiot…

    • smokahontaz

      Im late but Lmfaoo ur soo right!!