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Vybz Kartel Sentenced To 35 Years To Life In Prison


Vybz Kartel 2014 pic

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, was moments ago sentenced to 35 years to life in a Jamaican prison and hard labour.

The “Dancehall Hero” deejay, affectionately called Worl’Boss by his fans, shed tears as Home Circuit court judge Justice Lennox Campbell handed down the life sentence.

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Kartel’s protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, and his close friends André St John, and Kahira Jones were also handed lengthy sentences.

The handcuffed men were escorted out of court by heavily armed police officers where they will head straight to a high security prison.

“Addi (Vybz Kartel) remains strong and is maintaining his innocence so now we are looking forward to continue to fight for his freedom,” a rep for the dancehall star told Urbanislandz.com. “We are not giving up because the system imprisoned an innocent man. We will fight this down to the core and expose the Jamaica injustice system for what it really is.”

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On March 13, 2014, a 10:1 jury convicted the four men in the Home Circuit court in Downtown Kingston for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The guilty verdict sent shock waves throughout the dancehall community worldwide with some fans bemoaned an unfair trial, marred by police corruption and evidence tampering.

Vybz Kartel will be eligible for parole in 35 years.

Sentencing details.

Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel – 35 years in Prison (Life sentence).
Shawn Campbell aka Shawn Storm – 25 years in prison
Andre St John – 30 years in prison
Kahira Jones – 25 years in prison

What’s next for Vybz Kartel… APPEAL.

Vybz Kartel attorneys has already begin to plot their road to appeal in the Jamaican high court.

But appeal in Jamaican court system could take up to five years given the massive backlog in cases, a police source told Urban Islandz.

  • Chuckoff

    Y’all are some HATERS for real

  • John tyndall

    White power at last we got the coon in prison for good

    • Chuckoff

      White power??? Ur a dumb biiiitch

  • Michael Barrows

    That is the best prison sentence ever given, to the culprits, in jamaica. The barrister should also be sentenced too. This is a strong message to all these little farts who mess around in our island, and think they can get away.

    • Ross Margarette

      Your island kartel was not the problem on you island it’s your crooked police force that a problem on your island and the weak minded is a problem on your island

  • Cuckold

    He was cuckolded

  • ghetto

    Well said black beauty. Bless

  • ghetto

    No one is innocent in this, about free world boss. Free him for what? No one is sympathetic with the victim and we a black people. Kartel fi gu sidown and do his time, and black beauty talks the most sense, bout boss, nu man dat bleach dem face a boss, dem a eedyat

  • Ross Margarette

    Fu– the jamaican system and police force the whole system should be lined up against the wall and shot they kill innocent people all the time and know they fame kartel the systa are the real devil’s

  • gaza fi life

    I’m not saying (largely) is innocent but this system us justify to all, how come a policeman can kill a pregnant woman and he’s not given life behind bars? how come a politician can hit and kill a man with is car and be set free? Its not fair the sentencing could be less.

  • Florence Dntholdbackshit Franc

    Every one is so concern about Vybz Kartel getting life in jail but no one is showing concern to this dead man nd the family he has left behind especially if he has young children. If you do the crime you gotta stand up and take the punishment that you have coming to you no matter how harsh the penalty.

  • vybz

    So did they ever get the body of the man that they accusing vybz kartel an crue did not killed


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  • lizard

    R.I.P Lizard. He did not deserve to die. However, text messages and audio are not pictures and video- they could have been tampered with. I’m not sure what exactly happened but keep Lizard name out ya’ll mouth. Either way let the man rest in peace if he is really dead. Just because you love Kartel don’t mean you should hate Lizard.

  • Dntplygames

    IM glad kartel behind bars serve him right hate kartel for his music and for what he stood for i.e bleaching and his smutty dutty Lyrics Real talk real talk

  • Elisa Lee

    You are so annoying if you dont like the music dont listen to it!!’ How does it affect you? Mind your own business!!! Ima blast Kartel as loud as I can all day jailboss or not so eat that!

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