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Reneto Adams Calls For 50 Year Sentence For Vybz Kartel

Reneto Adams and Vybz Kartel

Notorious ex-police officer Reneto Adams is calling for a hefty sentence for convicted dancehall star Vybz Kartel.

Vybz Kartel and three of his four co-accused are facing 25 years to life imprisonment for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

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The accused men was found guilty by a 10:1 jury last week Thursday in the Home Circuit court in Kingston.

Speaking with the Observer, Reneto Adams expressed his delight in the conviction and called for a 50-year sentence to be handed down on the self proclaim Worl’Boss.

“I have been one of the voices crying out in the wilderness for criminals to be found guilty and locked up for no less than 50 years for heinous crimes,” Adams said.

“The Jamaican people have suffered for far too long,” Adams added.

Reneto Adams also blast some members of the police force for the way they handle some of the evidence against the accused men.

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones were all found guilty of Lizard’s murder. Shane Williams was acquitted for same murder charge.

The four convicted men will be sentenced in court next week Tuesday.

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  • NYC one

    Burn Gaza u say the exact words that’s what his fans don’t realize . I have 5 brothers what the hell was he thinking .

    • Burn gaza

      Real way

  • Gloria Thompson

    Mr Adams how many people have u killed as a former PO. And never did time. Jamaican police dept the most violent in the WORLD. So happy I left JA years.ago.

  • carelessboutpeople

    thank you, i appreciate

    • Burn gaza

      U welcome bt a wah kinda name that hyia? Lol it sound crazy my name is to provoke the gaza fans dem still bt a nothing serious becuz mi rate kartel wen him did black emergency song dat a one a mi favorite kartel song . Bt from him diss the general bounty killer war lord the man who make him famous and start provoke the people dem with him devil song and devil style mi haffi burn dat and money turn him into a fool too much yes man around him frist thing you nuh kill nobody Ina yr house and a lot more fu:kry him do him put him self Ina jail .who dem seh start well kartel lock dwn the chart well , bt him make bobylon finish him too soon

  • Mike-Mike

    I agree with Mr. Adams. There should be harder punishment for criminals in Jamaica. I don’t care who the guy. On the Kartel subject, they sent themselves to prison. Let’s see. The control burning inside the house where the witness said he say lizard on the floor; the demolition of the back of the house where they suspect lizard was chopped up; the overpowering use of disinfectant; the text messages, the witness and the statements of the accused themselves. Prison neva did agu miss dem. So all a oonu weh a talk bout free Kartel should be ashamed of yourselves for condoning criminality and indecency in our country.

  • Damion

    Gloria thumbs up on that I’m happy I left there corrupt system too there day to face judgment gonna come soon .

  • Damion

    I really don’t understand it’s like this isn’t about the death of Lizard if he is really dead , This is about the crime the government started years ago and they want it to stop that they can make more money for there pockets and they want to blame Vybez Kartel as an example that there doing something about crime smfh.


    P—-HOLE BATTY BWOY Adams a cold blooded Murderer!!!!! suh how him still free and them a talk bout kartel…..Adam did kill Over seven Unarmed (Young)Men In The early 2000s. FREE UP ADDIJA VYBZ KARTEL WORL BOSS PALMER!!!!!!!!!! OH!

  • Ross Margarette

    You must be 5.0

  • Eden

    It’s over. Move on people. The jury has spoken. Go worship some other celebrated criminal until their reign also comes to an end. Perfect example.

  • T

    U sound stupid aswel cause Adams rinse him gun pon innocent ppl not criminals.