The 20 Baddest Photos From Beyoncé New Album


BEYONCE album 19

Beyoncé created history with her new self-titled album BEYONCÉ.

The album, which was released on December 13, sold a whopping 617,000 copies in just three days to debut at the top of the Billboard 200 chart this week.

The album BEYONCÉ also created history by becoming the fastest selling album on iTunes ever.

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Beyoncé dropped the album without any promotion or notice, but not without some controversy. Target has decided not to sell the album because Beyoncé released it on iTunes first.

Some parents have also launched a backlash against Beyoncé saying her album is too explicit.

But here are the 20 baddest and most ratchet photos from BEYONCÉ album.

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  • ambition

    To me she is art -j herring

  • Ceece

    Beyonce is the baddest chick in the game hands down. Not even rihanna

  • setyawandewantara

    what a pity

  • NoloCity

    is it me or their is something strange on the eleventh picture, i’ve noticed that, the reflection of the left hand is different…..

    • ghostlandgrand

      As above, so below, more illuminati masonic sh– they think we don’t know bro.

  • Aijeren

    it’s like she’s screaming: “i need it & i need it baaaaaaad”!!! i’m just sorry…one would expect more self-respect from sb of this age & background…i mean…look at Britney & how respectfully she’s continuing her career…everyone knows what she’s done before, but now as a mom she’s changed…i respect Britney’s style way more than this…

  • Darr247

    Actually, it didn’t sell *any* copies the first 3 days… it sold lossy-compression piss-poor imitation downloads of an actual album. I feel sorry for the suckers that wasted their money on it, when they should be saving it for good enough speakers and sound systems so they can hear the difference between those crappy downloads and 16 or 24 bit 44.1KHz to 192KHz audio.

  • Steve Somebody

    UrbanIslandz – Learn how to program in Ajax. I got tired of the entire page reloading and am closing the window after 3 pictures.

  • elaysia

    From classy to trashy…clothing and lyrics.

  • kaidence

    Seems like her antics on this album are screaming “I’m going to act ratchet, say the most basic sh– for lyrics just to get those album sales up” lol. This album was not genius, other then her coming up with the idea to make an entire video album which was smart, seeing as no other artist has done this. I commend her for that. The lyrics are mediocre at best and the only thing she is doing is screaming being ratchet and shaking her a$$. Only thing she did different is cuss and talk sexual explicit. She’s in her early 30’s a wife and mother and considered an innovator and one of the greatest in her generation, and this is what she came up with? People just bought this just b/c she’s a brand she’s Beyonce. Idc how many awards she has or albums she has sold in the past, this album isn’t ground breaking or anything that hasnt been done before. Sorry, but the album was wack in my opinion. This album doesn’t compare to her previous albums.

    • ghostlandgrand

      Totally agree and this is exactly what I’ve been saying since I heard that dumb a.. drunk in love track. I seriously doubt Jay & Bey are in in control of their careers as thay let on. Cause soon as thay stop making coonery they wont have the push they’re acustomed to. When Mary J, Mariah, Janet or Toni went sexy there was still a air of sophistication to their music, but not this broad, lol. She’s ruining the brand she built up from her Destiny’s Childs days, which is what her fanbase carried over from. Jays definitly pimpin her career while he looks like a well dressed pimp. Illuminati power puppets! #SurfboardLol!

  • SouthernSmoke88

    when you’re young, people say.. don’t dress and act like that, wait until you’re older! When you get older, people say.. you’re too old to dress like that! Beyonce is 31, since when has that been too old to do anything? At what point will people just say, “I’m a mom and I’m fat and men never looked at me the way they look at Beyonce so i don’t friggin like it!!!”… at least we could respect your honesty instead everybody just thinking you’re bitter! Good job Beyonce, tons of albums later and you’re still selling, which is your job! *salute*

  • @SandoeSlim

    Listen To Sandoe Slim On Youtube “ I Still Made It ” .

  • NiNI

    Love her body!
    She rocks it with confidence, and can care less about the negitive opinions of others.