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Spice – All Dem A Talk Lyrics

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(Verse 1)
True mi bad from mi born so mi talk weh mi waan seh
So a mi no gyal cyaa drape
Your man love mi hot, hot, body
And mi likkle cute face and mi broad waist
Some gyal cyaa find a good man
So dem pick up rubbish like yard rake
Nuff gyal waan confront mi but mi bad like that dem a soft bate
Move like Aidonia mi bad
Some gyal no even bold like deh phone yah mi have
THe way mi sick people think a newmonia mi have
Mi cough dem up like a deh cold yah mi have
Mi bad like the mortal game weh mi have
Dem fraid a mi like the likkle pus weh mi have
Den bruk more head than the comb weh mi have
Tell a gyal no draw the mad brain weh mi have

All dem a talk mi no fair, mi no fair none a dem
Mi no fair, mi wi walk anywhere
Mi a real bad gyal
Mi a the baddest deva, mi style dem hot like fever
Gyal a chat a run dem mouth and dem cold up like freezer
Pick dem out like tweezer
Mi sting dem like deh beas yah
All dem a hype and a kill up dem self
Mi hot Like Justin Beaber

(Verse 2)
No gyal no bad like a mi out a road
Mi wi cuff dem wid all a 2 bi 4 board
Try no meck all my brain over load
Mi wi meck gyal jump up and down like a toad
Full dem up a this like bus when it load
Mi rough and tough than F1 50 Ford
Mi a bad, bad, gyal
Mi no take tough talk
Gyal cyaa step to mi
Just study mi road code

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)

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