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Blak Diamon – Love Triangle [New Music]


(Verse 1)
Yuh should a tell mi seh yuh have a man
Or else yuh wouldn’t be more than just a one night stand
Yuh meck mi put it one like di summer jam
Have yuh a scream and bwal inna mi room blood up mi divan
Now yo family and friends a call mi home wrecker
Yo man a search fi mi wid him friend dem weh a killer
Wa kind a drama this girl yuh get mi inna
Although yuh meck mi feel like a winner

Girl yuh too bad, yuh too bad, yuh too bad
Yo man engage to yuh, yo still a gi him bun
Mi wonder weh yo find so much time fi bring hi come
Yo couldn’t be the one for me

Dem yah kind a love triangle mi no like
Dem yah kind a love triangle mi no like
Dem yah kind a love triangle mi no like
Mi too young fi man waan tek mi life ova woman

(Verse 2)
Yo seet, that’s why mi pree deep inna this
Cyaa wife no girl weh no real inna this
Yo house and yo car a yo man service it now
Yuh a run down di block like yo waan worship it
Mi rather stay single by mi self
Than fi have a girl weh a go mash down mi health
Yo should a think first now yo naw get no help
Yo meck yo man disappear like di skelt

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
The other day mi meet a new girl inna di club
A real earth angel shi pretty like dove
Mi haffi ask are if shi single to di way how shi a bubble mi
Shi deal wid it right shi naw play
Mi believe are when shi seh shi don’t have a man
That a never path a di plan
Mi should a si di wedding band

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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