Rihanna, Chris Brown Kiss And Make Up In Hawaii [PHOTO]


Chris Brown Rihanna birthday

Rihanna is happy because her man Chris Brown is in Hawaii with her for her birthday and you can tell from the above photo.

The Bajan pop beauty posted the photo on her Instagram page showing her sitting on Chris Brown lap with a priceless grin on her face.

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“Pour it up pour it up! #birthdaybehavior,” Rihanna captioned the photo.

There have been rumors of breakup between the two all week but by now you would have learned that these two can’t stay apart for very long.

The two love birds were also spotted walking on the beach and holding hands.

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The rumor mill is also buzzing about a planned proposal by Chris Brown, but only time will tell.

“#epic day already, I woke up to sunshine in paradise and #STAY done jumped 54 spots to #3 on the BillboardHot100!!” Rihanna posted on Twitter on her birthday.

Rihanna also tweeted out the below photo while making a joke about it. “#CAKE I was so rude this day!!!,” she wrote on Twitter.

Young Rihanna Birthday party

The below photos show Chris Brown and Rihanna spending some quality time together in Hawaii on her birthday (Feb 20).

Rihanna chris Brown hawaii 2013

chris abd rihanna hawaii beach

rihanna and melissa forde hawaii

chris brown and rihanna hawaii 1

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