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Rihanna On Her Birthday: “Give Me A Blunt And A Bikini” [PHOTO]

Time really flies

Rihanna is celebrating her 25th birthday today in Hawaii and all she desires is a fresh pair of bikini and a couple blunts.

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The Bajan pop beauty has been updating her fans via Instagram and Twitter on whats going down in Hawaii.

RiRi will be hosting a dinner birthday party later today in Hawaii with her close family and friends.

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After her vacation in Hawaii, Rihanna will be hitting the road for her highly anticipated Diamond World Tour.



  1. On second thought, never mind the bikini.

  2. Rihanna showing off what her mother gives her.

  3. why people don’t leave these two couple , u only life but once and u only get to be young once in urs life time why she cant enjoyed herself and know how to be young for a change if she get older and acting this way is a problem to the world it is her life so let her live it she have the money and we don’t we all think these. star should be our child role model.but role model start at home people get real and stop live in a blind world please we have to be ours kids role mode.l.