Vybz Kartel – Death Row Lyrics




Lead my cost oh lord
With dem that strive with me
Fight against dem that fight against me
Take hold of shield an bottler
And stand up for my health
Free world boss

{Verse 1}

MI did born as a discipline child
Never know when a got so wild
In a di scheme weh di youths dem live
Society no do nothing positive
Ghetto youth naw get no justice
The system no provide no work fi wi
So di youths look a different alternative
Wi a somebody pickiny an wi want money


Big man don’t gimmi no story
What about poor people glory
Dem say is a criminal zone this
So no love di police no show wi
Dem waan wi bun dead doo
Watch yo self hi no ghetto youth
Dem waan wi bun dead doo
Watch yo self hi no ghetto youth

{Verse 2}

Round a sparta round a red dirt
A nuff youth round deh so want work
Member seh dem have pickiny fi mine
Society fi have a heart sometime
Nuff gyal have whole heap a CXC
Cyan pay fi go UWI or UT
Some drop out a school from early
Now shi unemployed wid a baby

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus 2X}

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