Here comes the bride.

Rihanna turned up for her private Halloween party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood on Wednesday as a scantily dressed bride with a marijuana bouquet.

PHOTO: Rihanna And Chris Brown Mom Joyce Patch Things Up Over Dinner

The Bajan pop beauty was spotted partying up with her boo Chris Brown, who was dressed as a terrorist.

Although Breezy got some bashing for his choice of attire, the “Turn Up The Music” seems to be having a lot of fun with RiRi.

Several other celebrities were also in attendance at the party, including Evelyn Lozada.

Was Rihanna trying to send a strong message by her choice of costume?

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  • Rez Waciuri

    marijuana bouquet….

  • Akeem Trapp

    wats up old g.

  • Elias Jordan Sillah

    cool Rihanna

  • Rihanna ( Georgia )

    Cool Riihannaa <3 It's last night =)).