Rihanna, A$AP Rocky

A surprise move by rapper A$AP Rocky at the end of his and Rihanna’s opening performance at Thursday’s 2012 MTV Video Music Awards sent the crowd and social media into a frenzy.

Rihanna and Rocky performed their new collaborative remix “C**kiness (I Love It,” live for the first time at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night. At the end of the performance the two embrace and A$AP grabbed Rihanna’s ass before she pushed him away.

PHOTO: Rihanna And Chris Brown Hug And Kiss At MTV VMAs

What made the incident even more interesting was the fact that Chris Brown was there in front row watching the performance.

Peep video below.



  1. I liked this lil dude ever since! looka how he dwn in ri ri though smfhhhhh.

  2. he grab and got a grip too…damm.

  3. he grab and got a grip too…damm.

  4. tht a$$ must feel good.

  5. To me it’s cool 2 me dat A$AP Rocky grabbed her A$$.

  6. latonia munroe

    Rihanna is a WHORE she sleeps with everyone in the music industry

  7. latonia munroe

    Rihanna is a WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. well it not rihanna’s fault everyone wants a taste of the caribbean.

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