Police reportedly raided Sizzla Kalonji’s infamous Judgement Yard over the weekend after gunfire broke out in August Town.

According to reports reaching Urban Islandz, four persons were shot; two of the wounded individuals were pronounce dead at hospital.

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Among the dead men are 39-year-old Rohan Simpson, also known as ‘Troy’ and ‘Bat’ of August Town Road, and a man known only as Moses Francis.

Urban Islandz tried to reach Sizzla for a comment but was unsuccessful.

The raid on Judgement Yard places Khago in an unfamiliar light where fans of Sizzla are calling him an informer, the Jamaican version of snitch.

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“Ppl how khago fi say him a bad man and fight war and send police up a sizzla yard yesterday fi rade,” @Breadback posted on Twitter.

In related news.

A few days ago rumors surfaced claiming that Sizzla Kalonji is dead. Fortunately these rumors are false as the veteran reggae/dancehall star is very much alive and well.

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