Chris Brown, Drake & Meek Mill Fight Scene Photos


Although information is still sketchy, Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill club fight photos revealed how bad the situation was.

Earlier today Chris Brown tweeted a photo of his bloody chin from the alleged altercation. New photos from the brawl revealed smashed bottles all over club WIP in New York City.

According to reports, Drake and Meek Mill were partying at Sin City Gentleman’s Club in the Bronx with Maybach Music Group honcho Rick Ross and others at their Self Made Vol. 2 listening session. Drizzy and his friend Meek Mill later turned up at club WIP in Manhattan where Chris Brown was partying with friends. a fight ensued and bottles start throwing all over the club.

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Early reports suggest that five people were injured including Chris Brown, who suffered a bloody chin. Other reports cast the blame on Meek Mill for instigating the fight.

New York City promoter Jessica Rosenblum tweeted: “Really??? FU Meek Mills – u know how many fing years we worked to have fly hip hop sh-t in downtown NYC? GTFO if u don’t know how 2 hang.”

See before and after photos of the fight below.

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  • Young Love ‘Foster’

    rly ni–az dnt fight.

  • Mercy Erline


  • Tia Edman

    drake should just go away with his ugly big head and live christ brownan rhianna cause they was meant to be kmt hate you drake!

  • http://facebook sean

    am srry chris

    • Mykel Smythe

      you guyz have to set a better example, come on the younger ones, look up to you, take responsibility for your actions, grow up!#.

    • Marietta Fowler

      cant we all just along.

    • Innocent Dzopsy

      That’s Bonkers

    • Celia

      Hope this sh-t wasn’t over riri !!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Drake’s fault…

    • Anonymous

      Brizzy was @ the club & also he was with Rihanna before Drake… So Drake is hatin’ on Chris Brown…

    • http://yahoo john

      chris brown a the boss drake fi move him bombo clat jamaican say that

    • http://yahoo john

      some people fi just come out a people business and let the people them live their life everyone make mistakes and if they r happy together let them b together its their business

    • http://yahoo dominickindie

      ooh one u gus take rihh and another one take nicki

    • http://yahoo sem

      Drake dont repeat the same mistake

    • randomperson

      Uhh Drake got Rihanna after she left CB. So if Drake got the last laugh, why would he be the one who’s hatin? Seriously, get a brain.

    • Matt Taylor