Rihanna apparently got drunk last weekend and molested two females in the process before taking to Twitter to apologize.

According to rumors, the red hair beauty had to be escorted from a club back to her hotel after passing out from intoxication.

Rihanna wrote on her Twitter the next day,

“I have to go back to sleep! I’m still drunk! F–k!!! #rockstarsh-t”

“I officially lost my liver last night!!!”

“Apparently I also molested 2 girls in the club!Whoever u are…ladies I thank u! U made my night way 2 much fun! Atleast that’s what I heard”

“The worst part about having so much fun is not remembering any of it!!!!” (Rihanna Twitter)

Proves she is only human that happens to party hard.

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    she goto come & party with me on the level.

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    lol, take it easy rih rih.

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