Vybz Kartel Before And After Photos… You Be The Judge [Photo]


Although Vybz Kartel is the most popular deejay in dancehall currently, several of his fans are uneasy about him lightening his skin.

One loyal Vybz Kartel fan, Nicole, send Urban Islandz this photo yesterday of the deejay before bleaching and after.

According to Nicole, she is a a die hard fan of Vybz Kartel but she really dislikes his new look and what he is portraying.

“Am a Vybz Kartel fan from Vybz Kartel was in the Alliance and i’ve always seen him as one of the best lyricist in dancehall, but bleaching thing he is now doing irritates me a bit because am light skin but my kids are dark skin and I love dark skin men.”

Several fans have been sending us photos and videos on the issue. You can send yours here.

Your thoughts on Vybz Kartel before and after in comments below.

  • Hotgirldms

    what ever you a seh dah cos he mussi bugga yah backside

  • Moha Gazasparta Mchokozi

    awuuuuooooh gaza 4 life.

  • Michella Blackman

    hes looks cute before but after is not nice but everyone got their lives to live.

  • Televisionkidd Parker

    sissssssssy I’m done.

  • Televisionkidd Parker

    wacko kartel

  • Anita Sweetiepie Iwueke

    welllllllll wooooooow none looks gud buh anywayzz…..why the hell he bleach for?

  • Dayna Love

    he looks sick as hell…..he look like he on some bad drugzz too.

  • Nuh Mercy Marcel Whyte

    yuh 2 face luw di boss.

  • Roxy

    @ sparta6622 my girl u a gwan lke seh kartel a yuh man a how u a defend him suh yuh must b bloodclat blind u nuh c how yuh man look crawney! I mean look nuh my girl yuh naw look! But then again maybe u crawney lke him 2 ewwwww! Btw yuh cah spell a who educate u lol! Gwe!

  • Kesha StressfreeTanner

    I think wateva he do with hi$ $elf i$ up 2 him it’$ hi$ lyfe n we can’t live it for him nomatter wat I’m $till backin him 100% I’ll alwayz be your number one fan.

  • Millz Kubaff

    He looks like crap!

  • Millz Kubaff

    He looks like crap!

  • Erich William Conrad

    He looks like a ghost now! He went from being just fine, to what the hell REAL QUICK!

  • Juano Quatre

    don’t look at me bwoy skin, not mater what color he is, he is still the last man standing.their will be no one who will be able to stand with words like my bwoy! big up bwoy! gazza 4 life!

  • Jason

    Why is the whole world hate on kartel it’s all about money so get your money up he get his

  • jokemon

    looks handsome

  • Miley Tori

    His probaly gonna be the leader of the zombie apocolaspe

  • Caleisha Herdsman Diana

    wow I thought u werecuter than that.

  • http://facebook zena

    whether are not he bleach he is the same vydz kartel i love, he sings the same way,move the same way, he is simply the same person, just a different colour

  • rj

    Whoops, I thought he was born ugly ohhh kill em, I just cracked.
    I’m sorry but I just had to go there