Vybz Kartel Before And After Photos… You Be The Judge [Photo]

Although Vybz Kartel is the most popular deejay in dancehall currently, several of his fans are uneasy about him lightening his skin.

One loyal Vybz Kartel fan, Nicole, send Urban Islandz this photo yesterday of the deejay before bleaching and after.

According to Nicole, she is a a die hard fan of Vybz Kartel but she really dislikes his new look and what he is portraying.

“Am a Vybz Kartel fan from Vybz Kartel was in the Alliance and i’ve always seen him as one of the best lyricist in dancehall, but bleaching thing he is now doing irritates me a bit because am light skin but my kids are dark skin and I love dark skin men.”

Several fans have been sending us photos and videos on the issue. You can send yours here.

Your thoughts on Vybz Kartel before and after in comments below.

  • wacko kartel

  • sissssssssy I’m done.

  • hes looks cute before but after is not nice but everyone got their lives to live.

  • awuuuuooooh gaza 4 life.

  • Hotgirldms

    what ever you a seh dah cos he mussi bugga yah backside

  • before Kartel looked ok now he look like a dead.

  • damn he soooooooo ugly!

  • Chercherries

    What a cunt!!!…..what have you done to yourself, foolish boy

  • Dominicka_Holness

    Well its his body and his life. We can not judge him because in the long run he has to look at himself in tha mirror. Or if any life complications come from this.

  • Jermaine_watson13

    unu leave out mi daddy.if a man want to bleach a his life style that not ours.

  • Sparta6622

    yu nuh stay fish

    • taboola

      How u want it steam r fry. Come nyam me r guh nyam d ole fish dem n a gaza.

  • Sparta6622

    vybe gaza ppl love you dont watch gun mouth ppl if de man black, brown,tattoo,tattoo-less, short hair, long hair a problem, vybes a yu a lead de S-cla$$ too fast fi dem, some a beat woman ofter will tell them say a love wi give woman, tham a swing hammer, aidonia some kinda pre-mature child looking for life support wrong place, shabba yu time pa$$ a vybe time if yu nuh believe chick yu truck it empty, beenie wen yu pace cut yu say gaza back bitter, ask cicel about her trip to the doctors office with her face problem, seteven member say a teacha spread yu name. kip-poor try to do a good song for once, gaza forever bih up popcaan, jah vinchi, popskull, sheba.gaza slim, and the founder vybe kartel, am out………for now 

    • taboola

      how it look like a you and kartel deh su…. luk like u neva guh english cla$$ gwaan guh learn fi spell n leave ppl business alone………………………………….guh sort out kartel life if u want sumn fi duh…………………

  • Sparta6622

    stop watch de man

  • Sparta6622

    awoh, oh! gaza sun aka $un$kull, here mi a say man jamaica, the  world and all wanna be gaza fans GO AND F— OFF, VYBE A DE BOSS, OH! if the man black, brown, tattoo, tattoo less short hair long hair a problem,teacha we will never be able to please ditty mine ppl mi boss a your life live it, a your words mak nuff young youth a pre fi have thing, vybe you are a normal man i dont care about your imagine MI LOVE YU WORDS, BIG MAN TING NUFF ARTIST AFFI LEFT DE BUSINESS SOLY BECAUSE THAM CANT MATCH UP OR KEEP UP WITH GAZA SPEED, S-class a lead by far, right now everybody a watch de teach and a talk but nobody nah talk bout cicel little visit to the doctor, teacha a word of advice from your number #1 fan gaza sun. aidonia is like a pre-mature child seeking for life support hey boy guh learn fi talk, killa one advice pu–y fi fu– not su–, shabba this is twenty first centry yu nu match up anymore, some kinda kip poor go and learn fi write a good song, some say dem a run de place a must ball field him a talk bout. beenie man king of the dancehall the other day wen you pace cute yu say gaza pu–y too good fi call yu sh– is a better word…. lastly for now steven steven remember a kartel mak yu popular all shino a wen mi drink street vybe and a vomit mi member say a cratis name suh, BIG UP POPCAAN SHAWN STORM JAH VINVHI POP SKULL MI BROTHER, SHEBA GAZA SLIM MI SISTER, AND VYBZ KARTEL DE FOUNDER GAZA FOREVER, $UN$KULL MISSION IS FI HAVE ALL A VYBE SONG FOR START TO CURRENT, AM OUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for now big up may pen   

  • gaza thugs member

     yow kartel a me daddy me nuh give a if him white,black,pink any colour the man song them mad 

  • NphuZion

    @7227a17b37bdadd768f5a3ced7c8495d:disqus ofcourse him have a illness u neva kno d free mason and illuminati bleach out him dam brain raa$$s duppy dam zambie

    • Sparta6622

      the only illness gaza ppl have is that we nu tek talk from no one freedom of self, a bad mine yu bad mine trough yu have pig skin only fire can help you, OH!

    • Hotgirldms

      yeah yeah

  • Brunette Alexandre


    • Sparta6622

      nu more than you ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha rock skin

    • Hotgirldms

      like yah an hearing a real Zombie indeed.

  • michael

    vybz no matter how u da luk ade still like you u r da biest

  • Nadialovejoseph

    dat s i remain pun d gully side 4 life……….himsing so much song n yethim still ah bleach u kartel……………

  • Ahsh23

    What the hell gaza me say a wah dat king not even the gal them like this stop bleach now and don’t do it ever again shame us man that’s why gully god can diss u up wha dat cha

    • Sparta6622

      boy yu nuh knw wat a shame man to man gal to gal man a put dem mouth inna wast place thats shame welcome to reality, gully a diss wi news flash, gaza nu war with basic school level ppl

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  • Babygirl_pink97

    vybz kartel like so ugly after using cake soap

    • Sparta6622

      my girl clearly yu nu ave a mirror, else you would see that you are jah only mistake

  • Shurma

    kartel what going on with you ??? you looking like a corpse, what were you thinking. i am a proud black woman from trinidad and i will never support bleaching of the black skin. head gone mad.

    • Sparta6622

      read the the tag the cream dont work on everyone sorry

  • Tara

    Vybz is looking attention and promotion and he sure got it. Maybe its something to do with his illumuniti pact, I think it should be expiring now, and so he is dashed to the curb, so he needs to do something to sell more records. Clarks done it last time, so I guess bleach is next……. Welcome to the world of selling your soul to gain the whole world!!

    • Sparta6622

      it hurt you how it hot you su, tru your soul nu value one dollar coin too bad try yu puss it may work.

      • keisha


    • Jerissmall

      grl shut the f up k

  • G.Lak


    • Sparta6622

      yu affi say it, a gaza ting

  • Badgyal 24

    man all em dumb needa watch their mouth or mind their own businesss!Vybz anyday mann, music pleaser to da fullest.

  • Mangyo


  • Rickycolt45

    That nigget is buggin!!!!!! How the Fu– u go from a black man to a white h– bit–??? This is ludicrous !!!!!!!

  • Mukia19

    He look sick!

  • Dmiller0703

    Can someone give him some lip balm?

    • Mukia19

      Some lip dye…Lmao

  • Cute Candy

    wat if there was family probs jheeze man

  • somebody.

    a wah di bumbaclart to rasclart dis a wah di man do?
    why him ashame to be black so?
    him fi dead.

    • Ganjahyute

      LOL yea..

  • sexymama….ydk

    ewwwwwwww u look disgustin shame on u ………….yuh cudda do better

    • winston fras Bushanan

      yow vybes kartel a mi dady so the father so the son

  • Josimarmcd

    Shame on Kartel…. Kartel a di baddest DJ inna di business but he is ashame of being black… Costa Rica represent….

    • skyee


  • sessman

    Crack head vampire !!!

    • Cute Candy

      do u no him wat if he has an illness why he did that to himself stop judging him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like u no him cha kmt

      • Bindz

        some wait a wha kinda illness coulda mek di man do dat to himself

  • Demus

    fatha god help him !! Bomboclat

  • Jay

    mi nuh like when a man bleach to rated !!! Vybz kartel look like a vampire !!!!!!!

  • Jay

    mi nuh like when a man bleach to rated !!! Vybz kartel look like a vampire !!!!!!!

  • Bindz

    if a did mi a vybz kartel and mi si this picture mi woulda stop bleach. Because di man look 10 times better when him did black

    • winston fras Buchanan

      stop u noice

  • Marcus Rio

    my name is marcus i’m from france paris. and for me the bleaching cream and skin is a disgrace for the black nation all around the worL .. vybz kartel is a great artist but in paris we nuh like when a man bleach ! because bad man from paris nuh bleach ! SHAME !!

    • Staceyk2008

      yeh vybz shuld ov neva bleach out, its not rite, he dun made tune bout mn bleachin out dissin em aswell, thought he wa a bad man n bad artist, i cant look at him the same way now. very dissapointed……..