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Cardi B Threatens To Air Out ‘Fake Love’ Amid Offset Cheating Allegations

Cardi B calls out "fake love"

Offset Cardi B
Offset and Cardi B

Rapper Cardi B has broken her silence as she seemingly addressed issues with her husband Offset amid new cheating claims and allegations that a side chick was paid to have an abortion.

While on Instagram Live, Cardi B expressed frustration at someone she claims is gaslighting her.

“If you think you can gaslight me with your bullsh*t, that’s when I’m gonna go public so you can understand me a little better. It’s bad enough you don’t hold your own accountable, but what you’re not going to do is try to act like I need to be accountable, especially when it comes to my kids. I did not grew up like a dog, I grew up with a very huge family- mom and dad, every part of my family, every aunt, every uncles, every grandparents, so I will not accept nothing less for my kids,” Cardi said.

She continued, “What you’re not going to do is manipulate me when I put my guard up before my kids. You don’t got to f**king like me. But you’re gonna respect my kids, and if you’re not gonna love my kids properly, don’t look for them, don’t speak on them.”

In the voice note, Cardi refers to their husband, Offset, as her baby’s father and says he’s a “great dad.” However, she says she doesn’t want anyone else to play with her kids.

“Now, I’m being nice, I’m being f**king nice until people stop talking to me thinking I’m easy to manipulate or easy to gaslight and take accountability. Every time I feel like I’m being gaslighted or manipulated, I’m gonna come on here. I’m gonna come on here and show you,” the rapper said.

Cardi B sparked rumors weeks ago that she might be pregnant after popping out to perform last month. Offset’s Mother’s Day gift of three identical chains also caused fans to speculate that the gifts were for three children.

Offset and Cardi B share a daughter, Kulture, and a son, Wave.

The couple’s marriage has not been smooth recently, as they publicly appeared to break up months before. A woman also recently claimed that Offset had an affair with her friend, and she was paid to have an abortion. The woman has, however, denied being in a relationship with Offset.