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Man In Custody For Attempting To Access Drake’s Mansion

Drake dealing with another incident at his mansion


Drake has been dealing with some major problems at his mansion in Toronto in the aftermath of his weekend lyrical showdown with Kendrick Lamar.

Earlier this week, one of Drake’s security guards was shot multiple times and seriously injured. The guard is now recovering in a hospital after having undergone surgery for gunshot wounds to his upper body. Police say he was shot outside of the property in an early morning drive-by shooting. Police are still investigating the shooting, but an arrest has yet to be made.

Police were again called back to Drake’s mansion on Wednesday after security stopped a man from going onto the property. According to ABC, the man claimed he was there to see Drake while trying to force his way onto the property. Drake is reportedly not at the property and is instead in Houston at his second home. The Canadian rapper recently bought a ranch in Texas after selling his mansion in Los Angeles.

Needless to say, it has been a restless week for Drake, who is also dealing with vandalism at one of his OVO stores in London after someone wrote “They Not Like Us” on the window, referencing Kendrick Lamar’s diss song, “Not Like Us.”

Drake has remained silent amid all the happenings in his circle. Sources say he is currently beefing up security around him and his family, fearing there could be threats to his life.

In the meantime, DJ Akademiks claims that Drake was on the verge of dropping another Kendrick Lamar diss, but he delayed the song due to the shooting incident at his mansion. “There was supposed to be some new music today,” Akademiks said. “I’m not saying from who nor am I gonna confirm from either party that we’ve really been interested in. The plan of releasing got foiled today after some really serious news came out. If you guys don’t know, there was a shooting at Drake’s house this morning.”